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I grew up in West Valley City and after high school, attended Dixie Sate College in Southern Utah. I returned to Salt Lake City and began working with SLUG Magazine in 1999, working on journalist’s pieces and concert photography. I also co- founded the Summer of Death Skate series and founded the SLUG Games amateur snowboard contest series. Collectively I have hosted +30 amateur events, each unique and open to all ages and abilities. I believe that by hosting events I learned valuable lessons of networking and production that allowed me a wide range technical skills.

In the fall of 2006, I also co-founded THREE Magazine, a monthly free publication that focused on my passions, which included sports, music and art. I was responsible for print production and overall creative direction. The magazine distribution surpassed 10,000 issues a month covering all major metropolitan areas in Utah and surrounding states including Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho. After a year of production and events, the magazine joined forces with 9350, another local magazine, which would became Arkade Magazine. At this point I decided to leave the print world and pursue my own art interests.

Since 2008 I have been focused on honing my own art skills in the graphic field and visual representation of my ideas. I have had three solo art shows featuring my original acrylic and my designs appear routinly in 5 local publications. I’m currently working on a solo art show on Saturday, June 1 in conjunction with, Art Adoption, an art show I’ve organized for the past 5 years which features 20+ local artists and allows them the opportunity to show their work to friends and acquaintances and hopefully, ‘get art out of their house and into another loving house.”