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Art Adoption

The mission of Art Adoption is to let artists benefit from the work they have created by collecting 100% of their own sales. In addition, lesser-known artists get a chance to share their work alongside those more established to help build a community of creators, rather than consumers. Admission to Art Adoption is free. All pieces, ranging from oil paintings to concert posters, are available for affordable prices from $5 to $400. Please join us in sending amazing, neglected art to loving homes.

Art Adoption

Four Corners

It's in our homes, our offices, our vehicles, our yards, our playgrounds. We use it to package food, bottle products, bag produce, make dinnerware and utensils, make toys....

Plastics have undoubtedly helped us to manufacture, package and ship goods more easily, for less money, and in some cases more safely than ever before. But, plastics pose a significant threat to our planet as well. Part of the problem is plastic itself. The very qualities that make it an adaptable and durable product to use, also make plastic an environmental nightmare. You see, plastics do not biodegrade. Instead they photodegrade - breaking down under exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays, into smaller and smaller pieces.

Bottom line: with the exception of the small amount that has been incinerated, virtually every piece of plastic that was ever made still exists in some shape or form.


Warm Buddies

Supply homeless with warm coats for the winter at affordable prices from retail giants. Giving to those who cannot afford it from those who can.

After the holiday season is put to bed and everyone wakes up on a new year with resolutions to keep and lives to lead, much of the seasons warm wishes are washed away. However, each year after the holiday rush, there is still enough to give thanks for and also give if one can. I have noticed that all winter clothing after the holiday season is drastically marked down and ready to open space for the next spring fling. I would like to encourage anyone with the means to and can afford roughly $17 to buy a puffy jacket from Old Navy or vest $9 and donate it to the closest homeless shelter, park, treatment home or vagabond near you. The coats are super warm and really cheap, ready for a new home on real people and not real manikins.

Warm Buddies

West Valley City Skatepark

Skateparks are now being financed by cities seeing the attraction and benefits of giving youth a place to hang out with friends and peers. The 2006 U.S. Census Bureau estimated the population of West Valley City, UT at 117,506 and studies show that most skaters are 5-24 years which, if you take into account West Valley’s population, that would be 36,972 (1,700 Skaters) persons or roughly 31.5% of the population. If you were to add in the population of individuals in West Valley between the ages of 25-34 years old which would have grown since the 2006 census, that would add an additional 20,464 (941 Skaters) more individuals, or 48.87% of the population.

The closest park located to West Valley is in Taylorsville at 4750 so. Redwood Rd., which is not accessible to youth without transportation and is consistently too crowded at the height of the weekend showing the need for more public parks. There needs to be a place to gather for kids who are not attracted to the traditional team sports that would give the youth an opportunity to express themselves in an individual and athletic manner. Getting the youth, particularly at-risk kids, involved in a personal and esteem-building activity like skateboarding helps them build the confidence to do well in other aspects of their lives.

West Valley Skatepark